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NES BueroTechnik LCD Lift 1 View full size

NES BueroTechnik LCD Lift 1

The remote controlled monitor lift system for conference tables, manufactured by NES Buerotechnik for TFT monitors and touchscreen monitors, internationally approved for Governments, Convention Centers or Executive Furniture Systems.

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  • remote controlled monitor lift
  • 15", 17", 19", 22" monitor lifts
  • extra sizes: 30", 40" and 60" on demand
  • stainless steel finish or powder coated black color finish
  • network compatible
  • RS232 interface
  • embedded control panel
  • different viewing angles
  • Remote control unit
  • Vesa TFT bracket standard
  • compliance withe ACER, LG, Sony,HP Monitors
  • Crestron Compatible
  • Extron Compatible

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