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NES BueroTechnik ERGODESK Duo/TL View full size

NES BueroTechnik ERGODESK Duo/TL

1.Desk Top MDF 18mm
2.Handset: LED displayw with 4 memory function
3. 2 Legs / 2 Motors 
4. Min. Height:595mm, Max.Height  1253mm
5. Max Load Static: 1500N
6. Speed: 35mm/s
7. Color: Schwarz, Grau Weiss

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1. Desk Top MDF 18mm
2. LED display with 4 memory function
3. 2x Motors and 2 Legs
4. Min. Height :595mm, Max.Height:1253mm
5. Max Load : 1500N
6. Speed: 35mm/s 
7. Colors: Black, Silver, White

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