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NES Buerotechnik: PDU, Vertebra,
Conference Systems,
Cable Management, LCD Holders
for Banking, Offices and Retail.
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We provide professional Building automation systems transforming high end Offices and Building automation solutions into easy to use functionalities by controlling the ICT & ELV system of a building. A building automation system (BAS) is an example of a distributed control system. The control system is a computerized, intelligent network of electronic ICT devices designed to monitor and control the mechanical, electronics, and lighting systems in a building, office or private property.

NES Smart Building Systems provide and easy user interface to manage your main building technologies remotely: ELV, CCTV, Energy Consumption, Security, Facility & tenant Management and operational building costs

The SmartOffices engineering department, design, build and implements stat of the art Building Management technologies. Our systems are the most user friendly Smart Remote Control Systems 3G based iPad and Android interfaces, available in the market.

TCP/IP Smart Building Management Systems (BAS) by SmartOffices Technologies Ltd.

Smart Hotel Room ELV Management System by SmartOffices Technologies Ltd.

NES SMART Mirror are advanced IOT systems with an Android or WIN OS. All web based content can be integrated. The NCIDigital team provides turnkey hotel, real estate and shopping mall in stallions including content management and design.

- TV Digital Signage

- Brand Activation

- Corporate House TV

- Health Care API (weight ,skin values others)

Best Practice Installations:

- Hotel rooms

- Shopping Malls

- Real Estate

- SPAs

- Private Smart Home Households

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