Ex Stock Promotion:
NES Buerotechnik: PDU, Vertebra,
Conference Systems,
Cable Management, LCD Holders
for Banking, Offices and Retail.
48 hours door to door delivery
services in UAE


The SmartOffices range of products pursue the utmost quality and
sustainability in Design and Functionality. Selected Power, Data and
Media connectivity solutions are awared by RedDot Design Award

Selected NES BueroTechnik ERGO Series of Laptop, Tablet holders and
LCD arms are awarded. Tablet Holder Systems have been awarded by the iF
Design award.

NES BueroTechnik ERGO DESK Systems have been awarded with the
Good Design(GD) award 2015 in Korea. The systems integrated by our
Korean Partner WM Ltd. contains the complete range of
NES - ERGODESK systems for power, data, cable management and

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