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NES Buerotechnik: PDU, Vertebra,
Conference Systems,
Cable Management, LCD Holders
for Banking, Offices and Retail.
48 hours door to door delivery
services in UAE


SmartOffices Technologies also provides Smart Building & Smart Home solutions Whether a lighting system, climate control,

Multi-Room music system or any other. All systems work wirelessly. An app dedicated for any iOS or android device control easily your

Smart Home. Whether an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Balckberry or any other tablet. SmartOffices Technologies

applications are installed with ease prior to installing the site system. A proof of concept will be installed for each building owner for

design approval. Contact our SmartHome / SmartBuilding team for more information. Phone: 00971-43902210. Mail:



NES SMART Mirror are advanced IOT systems with an Android or WIN OS. All web based content can be integrated. The NCIDigital team provides turnkey hotel, real estate and shopping mall in stallions including content management and design.

- TV Digital Signage

- Brand Activation

- Corporate House TV

- Health Care API (weight ,skin values others)

Best Practice Installations:

- Hotel rooms

- Shopping Malls

- Real Estate

- SPAs

- Private Smart Home Households

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