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NES BueroTechnik Biometric SES-FR1

The Biometric with Face Recognition Security System manufactured by NES Buerotechnik. Easy to integrate face, fingerprint, RFID, palm and numeric code entrance systems maximizing security and effective BMS and BI Server integration. Interfaces to Oracle, SAP, Sage, Microsoft, Navision and Open ERP.

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NES Buerotechnik Business Solution:

Banking Sercurity: The main functions * Achieve the data collection of a number of time & attendance recorders. * Collect the data automatically. The new attendance record can be collected to the server automatically, and the server can automatically get the backup of the new registered user and his fingerprint. * The data collection can be time, real-time, or set interval. * Achieve centralized, unified or hierarchical management of the time & attendance equipments. * Focus on the management of user data and fingerprints management, or make the user data and the fingerprints upload or download between the server and the time & attendance recorder. * The attendance record collected to the server can be exported according to the specified format to meet users other attendance system, labor resource management system or ERP system. * Support the department with levels and implement the policy that different department has different controller. * Support the employee to enter the system to query his attendance record. * The detailed system management and data transmission daily record can help the Customers track abnormal changes in the data. * 24 hours online customer service is offered to instantly solve the problems that the customer meet during the operating process. * The notice that the customer issues from the server can be sent to the time & attendance recorder and displays on it. * The color-screen recorder supports playing animation and video (released on the server) which publicize the companys image. * Customizing information: customers can customize the real-time news displayed on the time & attendance recorder. There are various news channels to be chosen from. * Customizing information: customers can customize the local weathere forecast on the recorder.

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